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Football game or tear gas and bullets? Palestinians put racist ad to test

Aletho News

By Haitham Sabbah • Jul 23, 2009

The row over a racist advert of Cellcom – an Israeli mobile phone operator, which shows Israel Occupation Forces soldiers playing football with Palestinians on both sides of the Apartheid Wall, continues.

In the Cellcom advert, IOF soldiers on patrol along the Wall stop their army jeep when it is hit by a soccer ball from the Palestinian side of the Wall. A game ensues, back and forth with the unseen Palestinians after a soldier dials up “reinforcements,” including two smiling women in uniform, to come and play.

The advertisement made by McCann Erickson, part of U.S. Interpublic Group, ends with the upbeat voiceover: “After all, what are we all after? Just a little fun.”

The advert has been extensively criticized for making light of the Palestinian suffering inflicted by the West Bank Apartheid Wall.

The Palestinians put controversial ad to…

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EDL members to be tested on English skills before benefits

Pride's Purge


Members of the English Defence League and other right-wing crackpots are to be tested on their English skills before being able to claim income-related benefits under a new scheme.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said people who are members of organisations such as the EDL and the BNP will be asked what efforts they have made to learn how to speak English properly before being able to “take advantage” of benefits.

Labour supports English tests for far-right nutcakes but says ministers are ignoring the exploitation of low-skilled dim-witted fascists.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said some central government funding would be made available to local authorities for English lessons to help EDL members reach Entry Level Two standard – the average language ability of a 9-year-old.

A spokesperson for the DWP explained the reasons for the new stricter rules:

From now on, if thick…

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A compendium of confusions

30% des Grecs vivent désormais sans couverture sociale



Si la crise a montré à quel point les structures de l’Union européenne sont inadaptées pour permettre une coopération efficace sur le plan économique, elle suggère d’autres dangers immédiats. Cet article sur le défaut de couverture sociale de 30% des Grecs pose le problème du déferlement de maladies sur le continent, dans un tel contexte les épidémies de toutes sortes vont ressurgir. Sans en être au point de l’Asie centrale où la peste est réapparue, la tuberculose est déjà là… Enfin le désastre humanitaire qui a commencé à s’étendre dans certains pays de la zone européenne nous laisse de plis en plus fragiles au moment même où l’on attaque nos propres protections sociales qui ont atténué jusqu’ici l’impact de la dite crise en France. Enfin quand l’on voit la pression des Ukrainiens guidés par une extrême-droite qui ne cache pas ses sympathies nazies, racistes, antisémites et l’enthousiasme manifesté par l’Allemagne…

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IDS and Armed Bodyguards: No-One Trusts the Man who Trusts No-One

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Mike and several of the commenters over at Vox Political have commented on IDS’ evident paranoia and fear of the public as he appeared before the parliamentary Work and Pension’s Committee. Not only did he have a bodyguard, but was also surrounded by several armed policemen. Martha, one of the people in the public gallery, describes the scene:

‘ Hi Mike, I attended the DWP hearing on Monday, IDS didn’t just have a body guard he had several ‘policemen’ with machine guns, maybe 3 or 4 at least. I didn’t dare to count them as it was frightening and it seemed best to ignore them for obvious reasons. The machine guns were raised and pointed at our group which included 3 people in wheelchairs and about 8 disabled and mentally ill people with their carers. We had all been security checked, bags searched and x-rayed, frisked and had walked through…

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