Revealed: The gang of racists and fascist thugs that are attending the “South East Alliance” march in Cricklewood

London Antifascists

After an exhaustive 30 minute intel exercise on who was actually attending the South East Alliance march in Cricklewood on June 14th, we were shocked (not) at the soon to be assembled motley crew. What we can tell from the 130+ attendees on their Facebook event is that the overwhelming majority do not even come from London but all across the UK. A large proportion are loyalists and Rangers “fans”, a few out and out Neo-Nazi’s, toy town racists and queen and country “patriots”. We base our intel on the actually existing comments, friend connection and photographs that adorn their (Facebook) walls. The impression is of a mob of men, with aspirational tendencies for violence, racist and xenophobic behaviour – who haven’t really integrated with the multi-racial society that most of exist in. So, who are these “not racist” patriots coming to bother the good people of Cricklewood on Saturday…

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The Threat of Scottish Independence


“Whether intentionally or not, the British corporate media have elevated Scottish independence to ‘enemy’ status. By doing this, they demean and distort the hopes of genuine grassroots campaigns that are now active in our communities. Evidently, this does not matter; what matters is defending the British state at all costs.”  Cygnus investigates UK corporate media and its relationship with the British state.

In the corporate media today, Scottish independence is increasingly presented as not merely a bad idea, but sinister and threatening. This danger runs inwards and outwards: it can be a threat to the individual citizen living in Scotland, or it can be a threat to entire states – depending on who is speaking and who their audience is. It’s a malleable nightmare. It has been given a structure: Alex Salmond as the mendacious, autocratic and self-serving leader, and the SNP as his brainwashed and loyal army. The need…

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A big welcome to Anum Qaiser from Scots Asians for Yes

Scots Asians For YES to an Independent Scotland

Anum Qaisar’s realisation that independence is the only way for Scotland comes at a very significant time as it is now only 100 Days to the big day on the 18th September.20140525_142949[1]

A very intelligent young woman, she contributed regular columns in Awaz newspaper promoting the advantages of staying together through Muslim Friends of Labour of which she is the General Secretary, or at least she was until yesterday, as many of you will have come to know through the Sunday Herald, when Anum wisely decided to walk over to the Yes camp leaving behind Labour’s the lack of vision over the subject of independence; a frustration she could no longer tolerate.

I know Anum’s father well who is a successful businessman and a close friend of Anas Sarwar’s father. A law graduate who worked as an interim for Anas’s constituency office, Anum, I am very sure, was well…

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Internal Foreign Territory


“Is there not a sense in which, through a YES vote, we will all become immigrants to the new Scotland that we will be tasked with creating?” writes Mark Crawford, precariously-employed call centre worker and campaigner with Radical Independence Dundee in his review of YES:The Radical Case for Scottish Independence by Ramand and Foley.

There are imbecile thoughts, imbecile discourses, that are made up entirely of truths; but these truths are base, they are those of a base, heavy and leaden soul. The state of mind dominated by reactive forces, by right, expresses stupidity and, more profoundly, that which it is a symptom of: a base way of thinking. – Gilles Deleuze, Nietzsche and Philosophy

Ramand speaks. Pete Ramand (standing) and James Foley at the Dundee launch of their book on 3rd May

At the outset of this review, I must emphasise that what I write here is written in a personal…

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