Report: Israeli occupation authorities seized 14,204 dunums of Palestinian land in 2013

Aletho News


Palestine Information Center – 06/01/2014

RAMALLAH — The land research center in Bethlehem said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) had seized 14,204 dunums of Palestinian lands in 2013 in the occupied territories of Jerusalem and the West Bank and registered them in the names of Jewish settlers, settlement groups and companies.

In a report, the research center stated that during last year the IOA had demolished 371 Palestinian-owned facilities and structures and issued demolition orders against 510 others in addition to the demolition of 246 homes accommodating 1,200 Palestinian citizens, including 650 children.

The center noted that the IOA issued demolition orders against 3,131 homes during the reporting year.

According to the report, the IOA and its settlers under military protection uprooted and destroyed 19,083 Palestinian-owned fruitful trees in different areas of the West Bank.

The IOA had also finished the building of 625 settlement units, approved the construction…

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