The Professors New Clothes

Facing Reality

There was once an island Kingdom in the Alifbay Archipeligo. A sad Kingdom.The saddest of Kingdoms. A Kingdom so sad that it had forgotten its name.

The trouble had started some forty years earlier when the King, who like to be known as Top Cat, or “T.C.”, claimed to have made new discoveries based on the ancient legends of Old Major and particularlyENCsTopCatstrip Snowball. He had announced to the annual festival that the legends of old had been brought to life by the discovery of the Magic Lens, a tool for focusing the beaming light of Old Major and Snowball onto the people of Alifbay. King T.C. Had written four long instruction manuals for his successors to understand how to use the Magic Lens.

For many long years, King TC’s Magic Lens seem to keep the good folk of Alifbay happy. Their annual festival attracted increasing numbers of people from…

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