Interview with a Job Centre Advisor: sanction targets & corruption revealed


@JobcentreMole is a Job Centre advisor who has taken to Twitter to speak out about the Job Centre’s unfair treatment of people who are claiming benefits. For obvious reasons he is anonymous. I think that what he’s doing is very brave. We did this interview by email. (All emphases are mine).
The Mole says: “I started my career with Jobcentre plus over 15 years ago at such a young age, I have literally done every job at lower (band B) level there is within the Jobcentre. I can assure you my knowledge of Jobcentre Plus is up with the best, I can also assure you I am not alone with my views.” 
Do the management have targets to sanction x number of people, or are your team encouraged to sanction people?

There is 100% no specific target at all, however it is and has been mentioned before that each signer…

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Are UN peacekeeping operations causing more instability than they are resolving in Africa?

Rising Continent

By Bosco Mutarambirwa

One may reasonably argue that Rwanda, Uganda, and any of those poor African countries contributing UN peacekeepers may have no interest in peace around the continent.

It may seem absurd, but based on the current financing structure of UN Peacekeeping operations; these poor countries have a lot of financial incentives to create instability within Africa so that they can send in their “peacekeeping” troops and make some much needed cash.

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The spirit of Scrooge is haunting the DWP

Vox Political

Here’s a tale of festive woe from the BBC Newswebsite:

More than 32,000 people have not received benefit payments in time for Christmas due to a Department for Work and Pensions “administrative error”.

The cash was due to go into bank accounts on Christmas Eve but will not now be paid until Friday, 27 December.

Most of those affected are first time claimants or people expecting one-off payments such as crisis loans.

The DWP urged them to call the department or a Jobcentre by 5pm to arrange payment within three hours.

A spokesman said the problem had only affected a “limited number” of claimants, totalling 32,200.

“The vast majority of regular benefit payments have been made on time this Christmas,” the spokesman added.

“However due to an administrative issue, a number of one-off or more irregular payments will now be paid on the 27th December, rather than the 24th.

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Please remember – the Lib Dems and Tories refused Alan Turing a pardon in 2012

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s ConDemNation today)

It’s great that one of Britain’s greatest wartime heroes, Alan Turing – who tragically committed suicide after being forcibly castrated for his homosexuality – has finally been pardoned.

However, we should remember that the coalition were only forced into accepting it after refusing the original petition calling for his pardon in 2012.

Then, Liberal Democrat Justice Minister Lord McNally dismissed the motion in the House of Lords, saying that Alan Turing:

….was properly convicted of what at the time was a criminal offence.”

It was only after a private member’s bill was introduced that the government reluctantly agreed to ‘not oppose’ the bill – possibly because they feared a new film which is being made about the life of Alan Turing would create too much bad publicity for them in the long-term.

It seems that official disapproval of homosexuality – which…

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Another way of looking at what Dominic Grieve meant

And Another Thing.......

The media is full of the Attorney General’s comments about “corruption”, and most of it seems to be critical of him.

Dominic Grieve

“Dominic Grieve criticised for claims corruption endemic in some ethnic minority communities”

It seems to me that he was really commenting on the fact that, in many other, perhaps “third world” countries, the culture on such matters is completely different.

How many times have we read that British business people had to take pockets full of cash when trying to do business in these countries in order to secure permission for their developments.   It was, and often is, the norm.  

I can well recall a number of instances here in England, when conducting a Member of Parliament’s constituency surgery.   A constituent would come along to consult the MP.   He would be of, for example, Asian origin although now resident in England.   He would be a businessman, well respected in…

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BNP organises East London “Food Banks”?

London Antifascists

The British National Party has begun organising “food banks” in East London, one of their historic bases of strength and a target for them in next year’s elections.

At the moment the operation is rather meagre — a stall with a few rows of tins — and is undoubtedly mainly organised to give the fascists a photo opportunity and some publicity. But, as elections approach, this type of activity is likely to increase. Anti-fascists will need to be on the lookout.

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Cameron announces curbs on Santa in bid to end ‘something for nothing culture’

Pride's Purge


David Cameron has said forcing children to work before receiving a visit from Santa will help to mark an end to Britain’s “something-for-nothing culture”.

And in a speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, the Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith said some children from poorer families would have to spend 35 hours a week looking for work in order to qualify for presents.

Infants under the age of 5 will be put on pilot schemes if they are deemed to need extra help to find jobs or are suspected of working in the black economy if they want to receive a present from Santa.

The Prime Minister said he hoped the initiative would be expanded to make sure children realised nothing in life is for free unless you happen to be rich, a failed banking executive or an MP.

The UKIP leader Nigel Farage welcomed the government…

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Israel Opened the Gates to Two Dams. Now Gaza is Sinking

rana "palestinian child"

My name is Rana. I have lived in the city of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip all twenty-one years of my life. What is happening in Gaza is not fiction but a bitter reality, which we lack the means to defend ourselves against. In the last few days, an unusually powerful storm has flooded many areas, displacing hundreds of residents from their homes. Children are without shelter from the cold and rain. Entire neighborhoods are sinking.

My family and I spent four days in darkness in below freezing weather: no electricity, no water, and no heat. I was so cold, I couldn‘t leave my bed and the small comfort it and my blankets provided. The cold felt like it penetrated my bones. Yet, I am lucky. I witnessed many people as they became homeless, their children desperate for food and warmth.

Friends called to tell me about the flooding…

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